This apparel is one of a kind - Literally.

#MadeDifferent is our collection of exclusive prints that cannot be found anywhere else. Each piece features a 100% unique pattern variation, to truly call your own.

Dare to be different - the one, bold, beautiful you.

Every MD print is limited edition and will not be restocked once sold out.

Better Together.

Join the community connected by a love for fitness and choosing to live life in our true potential.

Own Your Different.

There's no one like you. Take pride in your identity. Be brave with your originality.

Endless unique identities...

Every #MadeDifferent print is graphically patterned and then hand sampled by us to ensure each piece is never repeated.

... From one canvas.

Every #MadeDifferent print is a vast canvas of colors and shapes, intentionally arranged to ensure the final cut (what you receive!) is rich, unique and visually aesthetic.

Not just another print.

Each #MadeDifferent pattern encapsulates a distinctive spirit. From timeless messages to forgotten landscapes – all that inspires us are reimagined through layers of vibrant illustrations.

And regardless of their differing styles: each is designed to be energetic, timeless and never boring.

latest release!


Welcome joy


Be the greatest you


Take bloom


Follow your heart


Seek out adventure


Embrace the unknown

Dare To Live

Bring out courage

Skies & Sea

Soar higher, go deeper

Better when it's

By FitMonkie


Single Cut-out


Multiple Cut-outs