Meet The Crew - Seraphina

Instagram: @chalkbunnyy | TikTok: @chalkbunnyy
Phina wears a Size 8 for tops, Size 6 for bottoms.
Main sport
Climbing (Bouldering & Top rope), Strength Training
Lead climbing, Olympic Weightlifting, Netball

"The first time I climbed was in 2018 in Melbourne when a good friend of mine from uni asked to go together.

After coming back to Singapore, we decided to commit to top roping weekly for fitness - and to bring our friendship to the next level, literally. 😂 Yet after climbing consistently for a few years, I found out I couldn't do a single pullup or pushup.. So I started gymming in 2021 too.

I didn't enjoy climbing much at first. Fear of heights and progress was slow without a good strength base. I vividly remember struggling on a V1/2 thinking, will it always be this hard?

These days, I try to view my weaknesses as opportunities to grow and work on things I cannot do (for now) instead of avoiding them. It helps that climbing's just one of those weird activities where it's *actually* fun to fail. (Specifically bouldering though, not lead...😐)

I hope others, and myself, can be more encouraged by the fact that strength and skill - in or out of fitness - are not things given but earned, and that makes them attainable for anybody.

As a naturally shy person, the gym became a safe space for me to become more confident and bond with others without the pressure of conversation or having to be interesting. The nature of climbing also helped me cope with depression - when you're on a route, all you can think about is how to advance further, all you feel is your body in the moment.

It's funny how something serendipitously becomes a part of your life. I passed by that gym almost everyday in Melbourne and had not even once desired to get on its walls. Now I genuinely love the sport. Its unique and enticing in so many ways.

With climbing, I've learnt that nobody is immune to fear but how one deals with it and uses it to their advantage makes all the difference."