Meet The Crew - Stephanie

Instagram: @stephmrodrive | TikTok: @stephmrodri
Steph wears a Size 4 for tops and bottoms.

Main sport
Strength Training, Bodybuilding
HIIT, Yoga, Running, Swimming

"Embarking on a journey to become the strongest and most confident version of myself has been an incredible transformation. I vividly recall my sedentary days, back when I was the least athletic person in any room. It all changed when I accidentally enrolled in a jogging class during my college years in 2015, which turned out to be a full-fledged half marathon preparation class (YIKES and LOL)!

Something within me shifted during that time. I committed to prioritising recovery, nutrition and improving in running and witnessed remarkable progress. From being the slowest in class to securing 2nd place among the female participants in the half marathon. The incredible feats I could accomplish in just four short months ignited my hunger for self-improvement, eventually leading me to F45 and HIIT.

Over the years, I've discovered other powerful motivators to persist - the sense of community, positive impact on my mental well-being, and sheer joy of the workouts. I've had the privilege of forging genuine friendships with fellow gym-goers, turning them into friends who have added immeasurable value to my life.

In October 2022, a challenging knee injury restricted my ability to keep up with HIIT, but it brought a silver lining in the form of bodybuilding and strength training at The Garage. It was a low-impact alternative that my body could handle, and to my surprise, I fell in love with it. Around that time, I was welcomed into the Fitmonkie family, a source of boundless joy, unwavering support, and a loving community that has brought light into my world.

I've had a profound mental and physical evolution through fitness and the incredible individuals I met through it. The once-weakest individual in the room can now boast 19 unbroken pull-ups, sustain an 8-minute plank, and bench press above her body weight for multiple reps. This didn't come without immense dedication and resilience. I engage in these workouts not only for enjoyability but more importantly, because I relish the challenge they present to my body, pushing it to see just how far it can go."