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Orders shipping to Singapore are typically delivered within 4-6 business days.

Orders shipping to other countries are typically delivered within 14 business days upon dispatch.

If you did not receive your tracking number or the delivery has shown to be completed despite not receiving a package, please send us an email at support@fitmonkie.com and we will be glad to help you.

For orders within Singapore, shipping is free with a spend above SGD$60. Orders below SGD$60 are subject to a shipping fee of SGD$5.

For orders to all other countries, shipping is free with a spend above SGD$150-200 depending on your location. Please refer to our Shipping page for more info.

Self-collection is not available for online orders at the moment. Do refer to this page for our current stockists where you can try on and purchase selected designs.

Backorders are essentially preorders and will not be shipped immediately.

In the event an item reaches 0 stock at our warehouse, we will temporarily list it as a backorder. Such items will have 'Backorder' indicated in the product title or size variant.

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Yes, our size charts for apparels and hip bands are available on every product page.

If you have any questions about sizing, please email us at support@fitmonkie.com or message us on Instagram and we will be glad to help you.

A celebration of individuality, our Made Different Series features in-house designed prints (that you can't find anywhere else) and every piece is unique in pattern. Click here to learn more.

Email us at support@fitmonkie.com to facilitate your bands exchange.

The warranty can be used any time regardless of the purchase date and is limited to two bands per customer.

We require the return of damaged bands for proper recycling and preventing misuse of the warranty.

Gift Cards purchased online at www.fitmonkie.com will be sent electronically to your recipient of choice via email.

Terms of Use

1) Gift Cards are valid for 1 year, from the date of delivery.

2) Gift Cards can’t be returned or refunded after purchase.

3) There will be no replacement of the Gift Card if it's lost, stolen or destroyed.

4) Gift Cards are non-refundable, non-extensible, non-exchangeable for cash.

5) Gift Cards are redeemable on merchandise at www.fitmonkie.com

6) FitMonkie reserves the right to refuse, cancel or hold for review any Gift Cards for suspected fraud, mistakenly issued in an incorrect denomination, or for other violations of Gift Card policies.

Care Instructions

1. Flip it in, air it out. 
Turn clothing inside out before washing, this helps safeguard colors and deeper clean for your dirtier items.

2. Don't mix it up. 
Wash with similar items and colors. Avoid washing with zippers, jeans and jackets.

3. Do not use fabric softeners or excessive soap.
Soap buildup causes sweat buildup and smelly fungi growth, leading to odors.

4. Keep it cool.
Machine wash cold on gentle cycle. Extreme heat can break down the elasticity of stretchy textiles, leading to shrinkage and shorter lifespan.

5. Air dry. Do not machine dry or iron.

6. Use a laundry bag whenever possible.
This helps preserve the longevity and shape of your apparels. 

We put these gears through the toughest of tests. When well taken care of, our bands can last you a lifetime:

1. Wash your bands with water and light detergent.
2. Dry your bands with a towel before leaving it out to air dry.
3. Store your bands in a cool and dry place.
4. Avoid placing them under direct and excessive sunlight.
5. Use them!

We recommend two cleaning routines to prolong the life of
your mats. Being diligent in cleaning will keep them from taking on odors and
transferring bacteria to you.

After every use: Gentle wipe-down

1. Add water and a few drops of dish soap into a spray bottle. (Too much soap can leave a slippery film on your mat's surface)

2. Spritz mat with the solution and wipe firmly with a microfiber cloth.

Every two months: Complete wash

1. Soak your mat in a solution of warm water and mild detergent such as dish soap
for only a few minutes. This will help dislodge dirt, oils and odors.

2. Use a soft cloth to wash and thoroughly wipe both sides of the mat.

3. Shake off your mat to remove surface water.

4. To remove excess moisture, lay the mat flat on a dry towel and roll them together. Step on them together to purge water more effectively.

- Scrub your mat with scrubs or bristles
- Wring out your mat. This may cause wrinkling, tearing or warping.