Meet The Crew - Chloe

Instagram: @c.hikohrita | TikTok: @babyzelenskyy
Chloe wears Size 6 for tops and bottoms.

Main sport
Football, Cross-country

Singapore Powerlifting Opens 2022, Tertiary Junior Nationals 2023

Chloe started powerlifting about 2 years ago ("Still the best decision I've made yet") - having played football and cross-country in university. She has competed in the Singapore Powerlifting Opens 2022 and Tertiary Junior Nationals 2023.

On her first competition experience and stepping out of her comfort zone: "Trainings leading up to the comp was definitely not smooth sailing. Bench just did not feel right and after failing my lifts, I remember crying in the gym toilet two weeks out because of the pressure to perform. It was rough. I truly wouldn’t have done it without the support of my friends and especially my coach!

Meet day was also a nerve-wrecking experience but I had lots of fun meeting and competing alongside all the other strong ladies. With the attempt selections made by my coach, all I had to do was to execute. And we did just that, with the most memorable lift being an all-time 10kg deadlift PR, which came in clutch during a close fight to bring me into 2nd place. It was a surreal experience and I can’t wait to step onto the platform again!"

"What started off as a place for me to burn calories [the gym] soon became a greater part of my identity, a platform to be better, to learn and be moulded into the person I am today.

Powerlifting has taught me hard work, discipline and grit; To push myself beyond my limits, to show up even on days I don’t feel like showing up, and to have the courage to stand back up on days that I fail. I’m so grateful to have found a home and a comfort zone in a place I was once intimidated by.

Now, I appreciate my body much more for what it can do instead of how it looks. It has given me an objective measure of the results of my hard work, which reminds me of how capable my body is of doing things I’ve never thought I would be able to do.

No one is self built and I’m also grateful for the strong support system of friends and people I’ve met in the community, who keep trainings fun and inspire me to continue training hard and get strong."