Meet The Crew - Jamie

Instagram: @jamiepang | TikTok: @jamiejpang
Jamie wears Size 6 for tops, Size 6-8 for bottoms.

Main sport
CrossFit, Running, Bodybuilding
Bouldering, Yoga, Pilates, Track, Touch Rugby, Netball

CrossFit Open 2022, HYROX 2023, Standard Chartered Half Marathon 2023

Jamie has taken part in the CrossFit Open 2022, HYROX 2023 and used to do track, touch rugby and netball. She started gymming in 2016 as a fresh graduate in a corporate world.

"I’d say I’m someone who’s always pre-emptive and intentional with her life, goals, and plans. Knowing how working a desk job was going to change my life and body completely if I didn’t start and commit to a routine like RIGHT NOW, I decided to go to the gym every morning at 5:30am.

It was the best decision I ever made. If I never had those mornings, I’d never get to realise that the gym and a routine would be my safe haven – for the shittiest and best days at work alike. 

It shaped my discipline for many other trials and challenges in my life. Alongside that, this experience led me to founding Fitmonkie. It was the best thing that happened to me – the people I meet and work with, watching the community grow-  I wouldn’t trade anything for it. 

These days, I’m not sure if I create apparels because I work out, or that I work out so that I can create more apparels. If that makes sense.

I’ve never been a competitive kid and always loved team sports. I just enjoy growing and learning with people with common interests. I love when we figure things out together (and that’s why I got hooked onto bouldering too). 

But to me, the best thing about trying new things and picking up new sports – is that it demands a certain humility and self-awareness in you. You get to meet yourself where you are, and you get to realise that evolving and growing is such an amazing experience. One that is so unique, hard-earned, and difficult to come by, yet you can relive that feeling over and over again at any point of your life or fitness journey, as long as you set your mind to it.

Once you get hooked on that feeling, you realise it’s a far better joy than any form of material possession you can possibly have, and it’s forever yours to keep."