Meet your Fitmonkie Crew

At Fitmonkie, we've always stood behind the virtue of real product testing. Clocking hours of runs and sweats on our activewear pre-launch to deliver 'support', 'comfort', and all that was essential to the modern gym-goer with integrity.

Our intention behind #FitmonkieCrew is to ensure our products can hold up to the rigour of different activities and training styles, and to reflect the diversity that fitness can, and should be.

From yoga to crossfit, pilates to muay thai, meet the individuals and athletes helping to make activewear better for all sport, better for you.


Main sport: CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, Bodybuilding
Previous/secondary: Golf, Tennis, Football
Competitions: CrossFit Opens 2021, Singapore National Olympic Weightlifting Championships 2022, Under Armour Compete 2022, DVSN Athletics (Team Category) 2023

"The camaraderie and competitive atmosphere; as well as the satisfaction in constantly surpassing my own perceived ceilings (mentally and physically); the excitement of training to be a well-rounded athlete; and the amazing feats I've witnessed my body been able to do keeps me constantly yearning for more."


Main sport: Powerlifting
Previous/secondary: Football, Cross-country
Competitions: Singapore Powerlifting Opens 2022, Tertiary Junior Nationals 2023

"Powerlifting has taught me hard work, discipline and grit; To push myself beyond my limits, to show up even on days I don’t feel like showing up, and to have the courage to stand back up on days that I fail."


Main sport: Muay Thai, Strength & Conditioning
Previous/secondary: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Pro-wrestling, Boxing, Reformer Pilates
Competitions: Kai Muay Thai Hardsparring Event 2022

"What motivates me to [keep training and improving] is the profound sense of self-acceptance and empowerment this sport offers. Muay Thai allows me to be my unfiltered, raw and emotional self, a stark contrast to the expectations society often place on women in terms of behavior and appearance."


Main sport: CrossFit, Running, Bodybuilding
Previous/secondary: Bouldering, Yoga, Pilates, Touch Rugby, Track, Netball
Competitions: CrossFit Open 2022, HYROX 2023, Standard Chartered Half Marathon 2023

"The best thing about trying new things and picking up new sports – is that it demands a certain humility and self-awareness in you. You get to meet yourself where you are, and you get to realise that evolving and growing is such an amazing experience." 


Main sport: Strength Training, Bodybuilding
Previous/secondary: HIIT, Yoga, Running, Swimming

"I've had a profound mental and physical evolution through fitness and the incredible individuals I met through it. The once-weakest individual in the room can now boast 19 unbroken pull-ups, sustain an 8-minute plank, and bench press above her body weight for multiple reps. This didn't come without immense dedication and resilience."


Main sport: Climbing (Bouldering & Top rope), Strength Training
Previous/secondary: Lead climbing, Olympic Weightlifting, Netball

"I try to view my weaknesses as opportunities to grow and work on things I cannot do (for now) instead of avoiding them. I hope others, and myself, can be more encouraged by the fact that strength and skill - in or out of fitness - are not things given but earned, and that makes them attainable for anybody."

For every sport, and all movement.

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Page and profiles updated November 2023