Corgi Print / Medium Resistance Hip Band
Corgi Print / Medium Resistance Hip Band
Corgi Print / Medium Resistance Hip Band
Corgi Print / Medium Resistance Hip Band

Corgi Print / Medium Resistance Hip Band

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You're Corgi-ally invited for a smashing booty workout!
Switch up your routines with these Corgi bands and ruff it out!
Now, you get to decide if your booty is tuff.. or fluff. 

Ideal for¬†high resistance training¬†and¬†lower-body¬†conditioning workouts. Highly durable, our in-house formulated hip bands are perfect for heavy-load strength training and¬†cardio/HIIT drills¬†alike. Remember ‚Äď Glutes are built, not given!

Made from our very own customized blend of cotton, polyester and rubber. 

Light: 4.5 - 8kg
Medium: 8 - 12kg
Heavy: 11 - 15kg
X-Heavy : 13 - 18kg

Free workout guides 

Workout anywhere: Light and compact, our bands easily fit into a small handbag. Comes with a free FitMonkie pouch for storing.

Glute activation: Your answer to real booty gains! Our hip bands come in 4 resistance levels to suit every fitness level and maximize the effectiveness of your warm-up glute activation exercises.

Resistance training: A must-use for home workouts, and levelling up your gym game. Maintain and increase muscle tension during compound exercises, pilates, HIIT and more. 

Anti-slip grip: Each band has a rubber lining on the underside, designed to eliminate slips and rolls when things get intense. Rest assured that these bands will be comfortably secured around your ankles, calves, knees or thighs. 

Injury recovery: Recovering from an injury? Ease into lower-body exercises using our bands to rehabilitate and become strong again. 


Standing with your feet placed together, measure the circumference of your thighs.

The point of measurement should be the midpoint between your knees and hips.

Measurements below 31 inches (79 cm) : 13’’ Hip Bands
Measurements from 31 - 36 inches (79 - 91 cm) :¬†15‚ÄĚ Hip Bands
Measurements above 36 inches (91 cm) : 17’’ Hip Bands

Visit our sizing guide here for more detailed instructions.