BB Mat (Olive / Stone Blue / Purple)
BB Mat (Olive / Stone Blue / Purple)
BB Mat (Olive / Stone Blue / Purple)
BB Mat (Olive / Stone Blue / Purple)
BB Mat (Olive / Stone Blue / Purple)
BB Mat (Olive / Stone Blue / Purple)

BB Mat (Olive / Stone Blue / Purple)

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Compact. Convenient. Comfort. 

Size (per piece): 34cm x 17cm x 0.8cm (thickness)
Weight : 80g x 2 = 160g
Available in : Olive, Stone Blue, Purple.
Comes in pairs, with a ziplock bag for easy storage.

  • High Grip Power: 
    Measuring 0.8cm in thickness, BB Mats are thinner than, but provides higher stability than the Portomat. They safely provide cushioning between you and the floor, allowing you to perform various exercises without feeling strain on pressure points (for e.g. tail-bone, palms, knees). 

  • Protection: BB Mats come in extremely handy during outdoor workout sessions, protecting your hands from rough or dirty surfaces. Stack both mats together if you're looking for additional cushioning for your tailbone when it comes to floor work. 

  • Anti-Slip: Featuring a textured underside, the BB mats are your perfect companion for a high-intensity workout, with its core product feature being its anti-slip properties.  

  • Small and compact: Improved based on feedback the Portomat, the BB mat is thinner, smaller, and provides 3x the grip power for simple moves such as burpees, push-ups. You never have to pull out AND clean an entire yoga mat for a short HIIT workout again!  

  • Light and portable: Designed to fits easily into most bags. Lay them flat in your luggage to maximize space for travelling. BB mats stacked together are 1.6cm in thickness. 

  • Made with quality materials: Made from TPE (Thermal Plastic Elastomer). TPE is an eco-friendly foam material, made from non-toxic recycled biodegradable materials.
  • TPE: is a more earth-friendly rubber because it is a recyclable material. Closed-cell TPE is waterproof, making it easy to clean and more durable than open cell, which absorbs water and sweat. 

  • Care instructions: Gently wipe down your BB Mat with a spritz of water and light detergent/soap after every use. Commit to a complete wash every couple of months. 

Our mats are one size fits all.