Workout Guides - Single Leg Deadlift


Black (X-Heavy)

3. Single Leg Deadlift

  • Place band under your right foot and hold it with your right hand without stretching it.
  • Lean forward and straighten your left leg, raising it until it is parallel to the ground. This is your starting position.
  • Squeeze your glute and lower your left leg while straightening your body. Stop when your left leg is almost touching the ground.
  • Slowly return to the starting position for 1 rep.
  • Continue on the same side for 8 reps.
  • Switch sides and repeat.

Tip: If you are unable to balance on one leg while straightening your body, use your raised feet to touch the ground slightly, placing as little weight on it as possible. To increase stability, aim to be able to do this exercise without touching the ground. Keep the knee of the foot stepping on the band slightly bent and squeeze your abs.

Primary muscles: Hamstrings

Secondary muscles: Glutes, Quads, Lower back

Beginners are recommended to start with the Light Green band (lowest resistance).