BACKORDER (Separate Delivery)

BACKORDER (Separate Delivery)

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Thank you for purchasing via backorder with us!

You're just one step away, so do bear with us because we are here to help you understand the WHY's, HOW's, WHAT's when backordering with us!

WHY do we need to order via backorder?

Our team is hard at work, bringing these products to you!

We're invested in creating quality products, and our team (from design, production and assembly/shipping) will need time to bring these projected quantities available online for sale. 

At the moment, we're taking backorders to ensure that we have enough stocks for everyone, and expedite the process from CART to WORKOUT as soon as possible - (We know, and we got your backs!)

HOW do I place my backorder? 

1. Add the product to cart. 

2. Make your payment.

3. You will receive a confirmation email. 

4. Please note that each backorder's estimated delivery time is listed in each individual listing (barring any further disruptions in local mailing services). 

5. Backorders from outside of Singapore may face further delays. 

6. You will receive a shipping confirmation when we dispatch your order. 

7. Purchases are non-refundable, and on a first-come-first-serve basis. 


WHAT if I bought in-stock items AND Backorder items in one purchase?  

All items will be dispatched together, unless you have checked the box for separate deliveries upon checkout. 

An additional delivery fee of $5 applies. 


WHAT can I do when in doubt during this Back Order exercise? 

Drop us an email at and our friendly customer service officer will be in touch in a burpee's worth of time! ;)


Thank you for reading, and the kind support we've received thus far. We look forward to being part of your fitness journey, always.