Meet The #FitmonkieCrew


A fresh new standard.
No shortcuts. 
Experience the difference of truly 
tested fitness gears.

Launched in 2021, #FitmonkieCrew is our focus group of diverse fitness lovers and practitioners from yoga, calisthenics, weightlifting, CrossFit, dance and more.

#FitmonkieCrew tests your gears across a rigorous spectrum of workout styles, intensity and daily wear. Feedback is then collected to make design improvements and enhance the accuracy of product descriptions.

It's part of our promise of constant improvement and better products, for you.

    First participating crew and areas of interest:
    Val (@val.nsm)
    CrossFit, weightlifting, strength training
    Top : FM Size 4
    Bottoms : FM Size 4
    Height : 165cm

    Hayley (@huinileee)
    Skating, strength training
    Top : FM Size 4/6
    Bottoms : FM Size 6
    Height : 168cm
    Chloe (@c.hikohrita)
    Powerlifting, running, strength training
    Top : FM Size 6
    Bottoms : FM Size 6
    Height : 164cm

    Joan (@joanobonono)
    Pole dancing, yoga
    Top : FM Size 10
    Bottoms : FM Size 10
    Height : 173cm

    Jamie (@jamiepang)
    Calisthenics, running, strength training 
    Top : FM Size 6
    Bottoms : FM Size 6
    Height : 165cm

    Tested properties include:

    • Endurance 
    • Degree of sweat-wicking
    • Impact level
    • Wearability beyond sporting activities (aka versatility)

    Through #FitmonkieCrew and more transparent, focused gear testing, we aim to better equip every woman to feel her best, and in turn, give life and fitness her very best shot - through functional, thoughtful and confidence-boosting gears.

    Fitness products that don't just stand the test of real life and real workouts.
    They elevate them.

    Catch the crew on Instagram @fitmonkie.official!

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