What's the difference between GEN 1 and GEN 2 Hip bands? 

What's the difference between GEN 1 and GEN 2 Hip bands? 

GEN 1 vs GEN 2

On the left : GEN 1 - Teal 
On the right : GEN 2 - Crayon Blue

1) A denser and stronger anti-slip grip 

Left- Single rubber stitchings. 
Right - Dual rubber stitching. 


2) A thicker and stronger band than before.

A side-by-side comparison which shows the overall thickness of both bands. 

You will notice the bands are stitched sightly differently, with more reinforcement around the band overlaps for GEN 2 as compared to GEN 1. 

GEN 2 bands have a denser and more consistent rimming around the edges. This prolongs the durability of the band, and prevents 'curling' due to wear and tear.  

'Curling' can occur when hip bands are used incorrectly, or when you've picked a size too small. However it does not affect the usability of the hip band.

This improvement was derived from helpful feedback from our customers. 

(Thank you!)

3) Material Blend

A slight difference in material blend and a denser knit - while preserving the resistance levels across both generations. 


Lastly, while there are slight aesthetic differences, the most obvious difference would be the colors of the bands. 


Insofar, we're really stoked to know that many STILL love our GEN 1 colors.

Fret not, because our GEN 1 - Grey Hip Bands are still available. 

If you belong to the former, don't worry because we'll be bringing them back in due time, so drop us a note or a review, we'd love to hear more! 

We're always on a journey of improving our products to best suit the needs of the community, so please don't hesitate to reach out!

 Stay swell and active!


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from the FM fam.