Fitness Packs Donation: A Community Project

Fitness Packs Donation: A Community Project
Fitness Packs Donation: A Community Project

About The Project

It has always been Fitmonkie's goal to do more than sell and innovate gears. To push for positive change, and better the lives of others using the tools we gather along our journey - are dreams that both ground and inspire us to go further.
This season, we collaborated with fitness and sports-focused charitable organisations and social enterprises for our first ever donation project: gifting personalised fitness packs of Fitmonkie equipment and apparel to their students for Christmas.
A gift will not solve all problems. But it can bring a genuine smile, add cheer to days ahead or make someone, who really needs to, feel special. 
We hope that sharing about this project can inspire you to give back, in your own capacity and imagination, and be an extra voice for the lesser seen in your communities.
On a final parting note, bring this into the new year: remember that every action counts - not for its magnitude, but the sincerity behind it. 

Our Partners

It's a pleasure for us to feature and work with the following organisations - Active Zone (for Kickboxing For Peace), Babes Pregnancy Crisis Support, PushPullGive, Innervate Fitness, HelpHer Do Better - who empower and support individuals towards more enriching, confident lives. 
Read on for their stories and find out how you can volunteer/donate towards their causes.
If you're a fitness/women-focused organisation who's keen to collaborate, we'd love to hear your ideas or simply connect over a chat at

Kickboxing For Peace (by Active Zone)

A social project by Active Zone gym which aims to build up young life champions through the sport of Kickboxing.
By offering Kickboxing to the socially vulnerable kids and youth in our society, they are better equipped and enabled to become champions in life. With access to sport comes healthy self-esteem, character building and developing lifelong soft skills. 

Website | Instagram (KFP) | Instagram (Active Zone)

Innervate Fitness 

Innervate is a CrossFit box and a social enterprise. They offer programs catered to the average adult, kids, teens, elderly and persons with disabilities - that are focused on empowering individuals to be the best versions of themselves and enabling them to be a part of a community they can call home.

Through methods related to coaching, community and cause, Innervate believes in effecting a larger impact and change in the world. Their work focuses heavily on shaping the future of fitness, and using fitness to shape the next generation of our Singapore city. With charitable organisations, they work with various youths, disabled individuals and Senior Citizens who have been forgotten by their families, schools and society.  

Website | Instagram 


HelpHer Do Better

HelpHer Do Better (HHDB) strives for wellness for wellbeing. They bring back mobility to people and give back for good by empowering women.  

HHDB aims to help Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs) gain their humanity, womanhood and self-esteem via the sharing of fitness, knowledge and mental wellness . 
At the same time, they specialise in helping people with mobility issues through various modalities and giving them a chance to volunteer to empower their community of women - such as sharing their skills, working with whole families and companies with CSR pillars and wellness support for their employees.


Volunteering Opportunities

HHDB is open to volunteers of every skill - fitness, finance, communications and anything else - that can help our migrant domestic women thrive in the community, and ultimately empower others in her care - be it in your home, or her community back home. 

Volunteer Group fitness & wellness instructors are welcome too!

Apply to be a volunteer here or donate here.

 Website | Instagram



Established in late 2016, PushPullGive is founded on the idea to combine the founders' passion for fitness and giving back. They have a deep interest in bodyweight movements and believe that we, as human beings, should move freely, confidently and without pain.

As a social enterprise, they offer employment opportunities to young adults that come from a disadvantaged background. They grant fitness scholarships to help young adults who may struggle to afford their fitness education, providing an opportunity to kickstart their career in the fitness industry. 

PushPullGive's personal training and classes include calisthenics, yoga, pilates, handstands, lifting technique (barbell, dumbbell movements, etc.) and hybrids - with a focus on building core strength, functional muscle and mobility. Their first studio is located in the heart of Tiong Bahru and their second, newly opened in late 2021, resides in River Valley. 

PushPullGive - Join the fitter, stronger, kinder community.


Website | Instagram

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Babes Pregnancy Crisis Support

Special thanks to PushPullGive for facilitating our packs donation with their beneficiary, Babes

Babes Pregnancy Crisis Support Ltd is a non-profit agency that assists pregnant teenagers with unplanned pregnancies. Babes journeys with them, providing emotional support, information and resources to empower them to make responsible decisions on their pregnancy.  

Special Event (Dec 2021-Jan 2022)

Join a virtual carnival of fun and wellness activities to support pregnant teens in Singapore. From yoga, to candle-making to cardio dance workouts, there is something for everyone to bring in 2022 with a bang!

Be a part of Babes Carnival of Gifting to help them reach their $10,000 fundraising goal.

Register for the carnival here.

For general donations, click here.


 Website | Instagram