How to find the perfect Hip Band size

13". 15". 17".

Light. Medium. Heavy. 

Which is the right hip band for you? 

Fret not, because we're going to make finding the right size and resistance level a real breeze for you. 


STEP 1. You've probably done your measurements.   If you haven't... DO IT PAL!

STEP 2. Standing with your feet placed together, measure the circumference of your thighs.

The point of measurement should be the midpoint between your knees and hips.

Measurements below 79 cm : 13’’ Hip Bands
Measurements from 79 - 91 cm : 15” Hip Bands
Measurements above 91 cm : 17’’ Hip Bands

What happens if you land in a grey area of say.. 
79 - 80cm, and feel really uncertain?

The good news is, you're not the only one who has thought that way!

Based on candid customer feedback on sizing, past data and strenuous research, we've drawn up a guide to help you further. 


If your measurements are 79-80cm. 

You're 160 cm and below: 13" Bands
You're 160 cm and above: 15" Bands
If your measurements are 90-91cm. 
You're 165 cm and below: 15" Bands
You're 165 cm and above: 17" Bands


If your measurements are 79-80cm. 

You're 170 cm and below: 13" Bands
You're 170 and above: 15" Bands
If your measurements are 90-91cm. 
You're 170 cm and below: 15" Bands
You're 170 and above: 17" Bands

Your height comes into play when you're making lower body movements. The lower half of your body goes through a bigger degree of movement during exercises when you're taller.

For example, a taller person extends his/her legs through a wider degree of movement when performing a forward lunge.


Getting the right fit can preserve the integrity of the band’s shape, and ultimately its durability.


What’s your usual level of physical activity, and what activities are they? 

If you're completely new to our hip bands, this is our recommendation:

Light : 

1) Working out once to twice a week.

2) Fairly active, engaging in low intensity sports. (Jogging, Stretching)



1) Working out two to four times a week. 

2) Moderately to very active. Engages in a range of medium to high intensity sports (HIIT, Running, Yoga, Cycling).



1) Working out two to four times a week. 

2) Moderately to very active, engaging in high intensity sports and strength training. (Heavy weight-lifting, HIIT, Contact sports)



Lastly, most of our first-time customers fall within the category of Light to Medium Resistance Levels. Our in-house testers and ambassadors have taken a longer time to 'graduate' from Medium to Heavy Resistance Levels, as compared to Light to Medium. 


We hope that this descriptive guide has been useful in helping you decide on your first purchase with us!

The listed reference activities are not exhaustive. If you have questions that are not addressed in this article, do drop our friendly customer service officer a message at, and we'll in touch in a burpee's worth of time!




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